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'The Shadow of Your Smile'   

-  Label: 'Arrow'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '2007'

Our Rating:
For Michael Marc (http://arrowrec.com), music is about mood and texture; you will find plenty of both on "The Shadow of Your Smile," beautifully played acoustic covers of classic pop songs.

Because of its stripped-down arrangements and easy-listening vibes, "The Shadow of Your Smile" can be categorized as both smooth jazz and folk; neither would insult the quality of these pieces nor the artist who has reinterpreted them in such an evocative manner.

Those expecting, or concerned about, generic Muzak versions of timeless masterpieces can have their nerves calmed. Marc's sublime craftsmanship breathes new life into these overplayed, and often remade, compositions. Take away John Lennon's raspy voice and replace reflective piano with plaintive acoustic guitars, and you end up with a hauntingly pretty rendition of "Imagine" that's almost as moving without the words.
Marc never restricts himself to a single groove. He opts for swamp blues on "Old Man River" while subtle Latin touches add spice to his silky smooth guitar playing. The title track and "All the Things You Are" are utter knockouts, works of art that soothe the ears and broken hearts.
  author: Adam Harrington

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MARC, MICHAEL - The Shadow of Your Smile