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Review: 'Cuir Bleu'
'Sex Toy'   

-  Label: 'Asylum Arts'
-  Genre: 'Dance' -  Release Date: '2007'

Our Rating:
Somewhere between the danceable detachment of the neo-New Wave movement and the chilly throb of techno lies Cuir Bleu (http://www.cuirbleu.com). Led by the wonderfully named Pixie Bleu, Cuir Bleu takes Depeche Mode's S&M classic "Master and Servant" and runs with it, crafting an entire record of submissive sexiness.

If Garbage were more horny than angry, then they probably would've sounded like Cluir Bleu. In fact, Pixie does recall Shirley Manson's sultry cooing at times, especially on the title track. However, you will not find any loud post-grunge riffing here. Cuir Bleu deals in synthesized charms. Nevertheless, they are never cold. As with the best electro-pop groups of the '80s, Cuir Bleu are able to take keyboards and make them sound as lusty as possible.

"Brass Pole" is Berlin without the angst. "Baby, baby take me to a brass pole/I wanna dance and let go," Pixie pleads as synthesizers penetrate her flesh. It's hot stuff, especially Pixie's longing delivery. "Pleasure and Pain" has a darker beat, leaning almost towards the Gothic side of club music. Cuir Bleu's ability to shift mood and tempo is pretty surprising; I was actually expecting more of the same as many electronica groups burn out on ideas after a single or two.

For all the partying going on, the best track on the CD is actually its most downtempo: "I'm Your Lover (Water Mix)" is quite moving, a confession of lifelong affection that caresses the heart while making the toes tap the night away. Or would that be boots of shiny, shiny leather?
  author: Adam Harrington

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Cuir Bleu - Sex Toy