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Review: 'Son of Rust'
'Vicious Cycles'   

-  Label: 'www.sonofrust.com'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '2007'

Our Rating:
Is it 1986 already? Seriously, Son of Rust (http://www.sonofrust.com) are one of those acts that will take you back the Batcave, when obscure records from weird bands such as Clan of Xymox and Specimen would pack the dance floor. To Son of Rust's credit, they are using modern equipment; the music doesn't sound dated even though they are utilizing styles in vogue more than two decades ago.

Son of Rust are fine by me; I'm always a sucker for a toe-tapping gothic-rock platter, especially with tracks as catchy as "The Highest Cost" and "Scream," my personal pick. In contrast to those flaming emo dimwits corrupting alternative rock, Son of Rust's cyborg disco and Bela Lugosi singing is like a chill wind blowing through a furnace. And Son of Rust actually do it better than most of their contemporaries. Unlike other young groups that would rather deafen us into submission, Son of Rust craft actual pop hooks. "Just Once," for instance, has larger-than-life synthesizers that are really infectious; you can't stop listening to them.

Comparisons -- Depeche Mode, Machines of Loving Grace, Nine Inch Nails, etc. -- are easily drawn, and I'm sure Son of Rust are quite aware of that. To their credit, listening to "Vicious Cycles" didn't make me want to put on their heroes afterward because my goth fix was sufficiently taken care of.
  author: Adam Harrington

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Son of Rust - Vicious Cycles