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Review: 'BLUE, JULIE'
'One of a Kind Woman'   

-  Genre: 'Soul' -  Release Date: '2007'

Our Rating:
There is nothing complicated about the music of Julie Blue (http://www.julieblue.com). However, there aren't many people these days who could pull off material this radiant and heartbreaking. And I mean heartbreaking not in the sense that the songs are sad although a few of them are. Blue breaks the heart with the aching prettiness of her singing; it's almost too lovely for this world, a voice sent down from the heavens. But, having said that, you might expect a more otherworldly croon a la Enya, which is not the case. Blue's vocals are down-to-Earth and in your ear; they whisper in the darkest corners of your room, caught between the sun and shadow.

Norah Jones may get all the Grammys yet I find myself being more attracted to Blue's voice, which is rich with texture and laced with palpable emotion. The meltingly gorgeous soulfulness of "Something Guiding Us On" truly moves and elevates our inner core.

Blue's singing strikes me as therapeutic, comforting. Many women who create music in this genre aim for sexiness but Blue combines sensuality with a nurse's empathy and tender loving care; her vocals don't just kiss you, they embrace you. "Please Come Home" is ethereal as starlight. The lush "Way of the Mystery" centers Sade-ish atmospherics with tropical world beats. "Finding Grace in Everything" crosses the bridge between smooth jazz and acoustic pop.

Although not a Christian CD, I could see this record appealing to that crowd because of the hopeful messages of overcoming sorrow that is threaded through Blue's lyrics. One is left playing this record repeatedly for the positive vibrations it emits every time it plays.
  author: Adam Harrington

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BLUE, JULIE - One of a Kind Woman