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Review: 'Kind Of Girl'
'Lonely In A Modern Way'   

-  Label: 'trak2r'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: 'June 2008'

Our Rating:
We only recently reviewed a copy of this band's stunning single Slave To Your Charms. Well the forthcoming album Lonely In A Modern Way seems to have caught this reviewer's ear as well...

As we raved previously, Slave To Your Charms is a fantastic album opener that somehow gets the blood pumping and chills you out at the same time.

While the album in general might not quite match the standard of the opener, you can be assured that when there is a slight lull, the band are right back on top of things come the next track. Someone You Replaced is a beautiful example of KOG's ability to flirt with the acoustic and the electronic; a very sad song in it's entirety that works amazingly well.

By the time that album closer Poetry Boy comes around, the rousing opening riff ploughs through to, again, a touching chorus. Kind of Girl prove on this album that they are masters of emotive pop.

  author: lizharvs

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