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Review: 'I CONCUR'

-  Label: 'Brew Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '6th October 2008'-  Catalogue No: 'BRW004'

Our Rating:
I CONCUR have hauled themselves into fairly wide public notice during 2008, with a strength of live performances, expertly constructed songs and a a very approachable combination of the best guitar noises of climactic rock. Radio One and Leeds/Reading Festival appearances have underlined the promise of things to come.

¬°FORWARD, RUSSIA!'s Tom Woodhead has produced this very well-timed single, released, true-to-form (and spirit) on Brew Records, an independent micro-label based in Leeds. Vinyl and download are available. I hear that the vinyl cut is especially lively. But my CD promo tears things up pretty well too.

OBLIGE is an early I CONCUR tune that explores the emotional burdens of all the "I'm doing this because I have to" situations. Tim Hann's urgent voice is pressed on by the band's characteristic double guitar engine (Hann himself and Chris Woolford) and by the geological steadiness of James Brunger (drums) and Toby Page (bass).The guitars sing for themselves for a while, bringing some kind of release from the dark mood, and a crescendo fairly roars as I CONCUR's other secret weapon (well-matched harmony vocals) brings some resolution.

CAPTORS is a more muscular affair with an exciting series of guitar gear changes, as the two of them find complementary routes to to the higher ground. It's elegantly arranged, with minimal repeats and a seamless development from loud all the way to thundering. Lyrically it's dramatic, enigmatic and threatening, leaving each listener to find the paranoia and to visualise the dark fears from the thriller in their own experience.

It's a single that more than confirms the growing reputation and that creates plenty of space for them to be noticed on their own terms, free of any glib genrification.

  author: Sam Saunders

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