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-  Label: 'Astolfo The Parakeet Records'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: 'September 23rd 2008'-  Catalogue No: 'GMCD04 (www.giorgiomaggiore.com)'

Our Rating:

GIORGIO MAGGIORE’s fourth album is the follow-up full-length ‘soundscape’ project to Radioanima’s predecessor ‘’Dentro Ai Tuoi Sogni’, the record that signified a change of direction for the Italian chill-out maestro

However highly stylised that sounds, the diversity of this record from track to track emphasises that this is a shift in perspective rather than an unswerving devotion to any particular one ‘sound’. Eccentricity prevails and despite the ambient tempo, thoughts are given the go-ahead to run riot.

Rattling pop pours forth low-key following epic beginnings as the opening nine-minutes-and-some long tune fades and the second track throws my three minute attention span an odd and endearing lifeline. ‘Liberi’ takes shape under jangling shards of scratchy distortion to emerge as the record’s only real pop song, and a gem of one at that.

But on the whole, ‘Radioanima’s instrumental heart betrays clear Maggiore’s fascination with the abstract. Reactions throw up a multitude of feelings as the head and the heart are increasingly engaged. ‘Speranze Tradite’ and ‘In Fondo All’Anima’ are almost cinematic; piano-led, half-classical and completely given over to the introspective. Huge arrangements with ambient wide open spaces allow for the unique in each listener, along with the chance to paint along with this effective backdrop for Maggiore’s preoccupation with the ‘bigger picture’.   

Deliciously dramatic, the slow twang of ‘La Porta’ offers a visionary impression of the view from a window, with Maggiore’s whispered but strong vocals locked in a constant exploration of the boundless possibilities of space and time.

‘Inno’ fairly Moogs out of this dreamy ambience to take shape somewhere deep within the midst of wherever your thoughts might have taken you. It’s minimalist and synth-distinctive, but thanks to a random pulse it’s no less of a drifting catalyst for your thoughts and dreams, mama.

My attention was gently handed from one misty chain of thought to the next, with the process of distraction taking on spell-like qualities. Maggiore weaves an ever-changing series of tapestries as he swaps the keys and percussion for guitars, only to achieve the same effect time and again. This ensures a complex emotional reaction that you will welcome with open arms (you could even call it a ‘voyage of self-discovery’ without sounding like a bit of a tosser, honest!).

It’s that good. Fragile slow-burning distortion and bongos thick with reverb signalled a sonic freefall in slow motion (‘Wie Wird Meine Zukunft’), whilst the endlessly repetitive finale offered pure, pure scope for contemplation. ‘Radioanima’ is a far-sided record that strives for peripheral vision whilst demonstratng Maggiore’s uncanny feel for the subconscious. Totally engaging rather than instantly appealing, ‘Radioanima’ is a sparkling effort - Maggiore has delivered a straight-up deep-chill masterclass with his fourth full length release.
  author: Mike Roberts

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