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Review: 'RAUDIVE, THE'
'Ghost Box (EP)'   

-  Label: 'Sugarbeet Stallion Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '19th October'-  Catalogue No: 'SUSCD001'

Our Rating:
This is the debut release by an act I will admit I hadn't heard of before. However, there is enough here on The Raudive's Ghost Box EP to suggest that I was in the wrong to be so ignorant.

Taking their sound from all the same sources as The Editors have taken theirs, there is a pitch black beauty about this record that other, more commercial naysayers would struggle to achieve. From the brooding chords that open "Warning" to the epic struggle of "Torch Song" there is an awful lot to admire here.

You do feel that perhaps they are a little late to arrive to the party with such a sound - as Interpol and their ilk seem to be in subtle decline - but purists should be able to grasp a real sense of belief in the music that should dissuade them for writing the band off on genre and direction alone.

This is not an album full of pop hooks and, yes, some of the songs have a tendency to sound similar but with a solid rhythm section driving the melodic bursts and tightly-controlled chaos around them, The Raudive can lay claim to being a fine new addition to the already brimming list of great new British bands.

Indie-rock with a certain intellect, The Raudive are very much worth your time.

  author: lizharvs

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