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Review: 'PACE, ELIO'
'A Seat at my Table'   

-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: 'November 2009'

Our Rating:
This album was not what I expected when I first put it on- to be honest I only skim read the press release- but I was shocked when I heard the boogie-woogie, rock n roll, bluesy sound of Elio Pace and I absolutely loved it. I also think I had heard him played on Radio 2 before and meant to look him up.

If timeless songs, uplifting arrangements, sensational musicians and a killer lead vocal is up your street, look no further than Elio who is also embarking on a huge regional tour across the UK early next year. It is no wonder why Terry Wogan is such a fan and why this guy has been so successful in the industry for the last two decades working with some of the greatest musicians, including Huey Lewis, Shakin' Stevens and Martha Reeves.
  author: lizharvs

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PACE, ELIO - A Seat at my Table