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Review: 'PACE, ELIO'
'What a Day'   

-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: 'December 2009'

Our Rating:
What a breath of fresh air this track is. With the X Factor continually dominating our Christmas charts and with the demise of timeless, upbeat and sincere Christmas songs year by year we are now faced with one that could live on in the history of the greats.

What a Day by Elio Pace ticks the right boxes for what a Christmas single should be: a feel-good number that celebrates the festive season and upholds the values of what CHristmas really means. You can also hear it now on Radio 2 as I discovered this morning. He isn't a household name but after researching he has had a wonderful career in the industry performing with the likes of Albert Lee and is doing his own tour as of January with songs from his album A Seat at my Table. This song will probably not make it on to the bill for his gigs for obvious reasons and so make the most of it over the next couple of weeks.
  author: lizharvs

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PACE, ELIO - What a Day