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'The Girls Are In Charge (EP)'   

-  Label: 'EyeSeeSound'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '4th October 2010'

Our Rating:
What Would Jesus Drive (WWJD) was the title of a C&W parody song written and performed by Julie Wither and Ryan Smith and also the slogan for an anti-SUV TV ad campaign in the US.

There's no overtly religious or environmental slant to the British band of this name.

The battle of the sexes is the theme of the EP's title track in a novelty tune on the timeless theme of birds versus blokes. The bird is Amy Casey (vocals, bass) and the bloke is Tim Box (vocals, guitar). In real life they are a married couple who once existed as a duo called The Barbs. For WWJD they are joined by Gemma Hogan on synth and John Newman on keys.

In a call and response manner Mr and Ms Box trade sassy insults in which she is not softened by his declared lack of misogyny and he is made to concede to girl power through gritted teeth.

The cartoonish quality of this punky tune means that it works best with some visuals and the images on the accompanying video by talented young illustrator Rianne Rowlands work a treat.

The EP has two other songs - Masquerade and Peaches In Bunches - which are both lively two minute blasts of rockabilly punk but no match for the main attraction. As if to concede this point the disc is book-ended by a somewhat superfluous live version of the title tune.

WWJD are probably destined to be a one hit wonders so you should enjoy the fun while it lasts.

WWJD website
  author: Martin Raybould

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WHAT WOULD JESUS DRIVE - The Girls Are In Charge (EP)