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'GOODBYE TO ANOTHER YEAR (download & 7" single)'   

-  Label: 'GYPSY HOTEL'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '13th December 2010'-  Catalogue No: 'GHRSP001'

Our Rating:
The timing for this, The Urban Voodoo Machine’s new single could not be more apt. I know I keep going on about how great this band is, but why not? Not only are they a top live draw, but I’ve yet to see any drop in quality of their releases.

‘Goodbye To Another Year’ b/w ‘The Death Of Celestina Rose’ is simply magnificent. The Urban Voodoo Machine’s strength lies in the fact that not only can they knock out killer melodies that worm their way under your skin and into your soul, but Paul-Ronney Angel’s lyrical quality is so high. The lyrics are always apt, intelligent and witty, and this is no exception.

Opening with an Eastern European beat, and featuring such diverse instruments as a Charango (played by Sami Yaffa from the New York Dolls and Mad Juana), and tuba from Lady Ane Angel, ‘Goodbye To Another Year’ immediately grabs the listener’s attention and doesn’t let go. This is the perfect song for a New Year’s Eve, about casting off all that dragged you down over the course of the year: -

“She was the one that turned your life and your dreams/ And your wallet inside out/ She was the one,you’re lucky that she’s gone/ Say goodbye to another year.”

However this is a song that doesn’t dwell on the past but looks forward to things getting better: - “Say goodbye to all your absent friends/ And all those who left you in the lurch/ Say goodbye to every opportunity you missed/ and goodbye to another year.”

This is the sort of track that is bound to leave you with a smile on your face, as almost everyone can identify with the sentiments expressed here.

The B side, ‘The Death Of Celestina Rose’ is yet another brilliant track, charting the sorry tale of a woman who ends up taking her own life after being overcome by all the shit that life can throw at you: - “She couldn’t make ends meet/ Her children hungry with bare feet.”

“Her man never came back from that God-awful war/ She had to fend for herself ‘til she was bleeding and raw.”

This story is played out against a classic background of twangy surf guitar, fiddle and Mariachi horns, and leaves an impression that stays with the listener long after the track has ended.

So, this Christmas, go on, indulge yourself. Download the tracks AND buy the single. Then, on New Year’s Eve, do yourself a favour. Open a bottle of Jack, crank the volume on the stereo way up high, sit back and Say Goodbye To Another Year!

Single of the year without a shadow of doubt.

Buy the single as a lavishly packaged 7" red vinyl single or download the tracks from the Urban Voodoo Machine website
  author: Nick Browne

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