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Review: 'Oxygen Thief'
'Destroy It Yourself'   

-  Label: 'Broken Tail/Josaka'
-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '9th May 2011'-  Catalogue No: 'BTR9'

Our Rating:
OK, although I have categorised this as folk that does not really do it justice. There is no category it does fit under, as there is no option to choose "folk-metal" or "acoustic-punk". Either of these however, would accurately describe the music of Oxygen Thief (Barry Dolan).

"Destroy It Yourself" is the debut full-length release from Dolan, and it is not really like anything else out there. While essentially "one-man-and-his-acoustic-guitar", Dolan does things differently by playing his instrument to within an itch of its life. He plays hard and fast - and angry.

While there are some big choruses here such as on "Mestle and Porter" and first single "Terry Nutkins Salute", do not expect a commercial, polished and refined affair. The album is very stripped-back, but all the better for it. Dolan has lots to say (to be honest there are times when there are too many words crammed within each song), and the lo-fi approach fits with the honest lyrics, honestly delivered.

There are also a couple of instrumental tracks "Makato Magano" and "Nice Night For A Neck Injury".

The laziest comparison then would be to say this sounds like a lo-fi Frank Turner (a compliment by the way). In some ways it is, as both love words, have something to say and play punk-influenced folk with heart. In other ways though, Dolan is very different as his music and delivery are more raw.

Definitely worth checking out.
  author: hairypaul

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