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Review: 'Fieldhead'
'A Correction'   

-  Album: 'A Correction' -  Label: 'Gizeh'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '22nd October 2012'-  Catalogue No: 'GZH39'

Our Rating:
Paul Elam first introduced us to his found-sound drone-laden world of Fieldhead with an EP appropriately entitled ‘Introductions’ back in 2008 before fully realising the breadth of his ambient analogue vision on the long player ‘They Shook Hands for Hours’ the following year.

It’s been two years since the burst of activity that culminated in the ‘Riser’ EP on Gizeh, but hearing ‘A Correction’, it’s understandable why it should have taken some time to create.

‘A Correction’ is an acutely detailed work that picks up where its predecessor left off, and continues to expand the crackly, glitch-ruptured palette in subtle yet striking ways. Each piece is richly textured, and steeped in nuanced atmospherics.

Clicks and warps disrupt the gentle ebb and flow of the tracks as they bleed together. Looped microbeats sound at times like the repetitive click of a scratch on a record, the fizzing tones akin to surface noise, while drones and tones taper in and out. Yet elsewhere, spiralling expanses of sound with fuzzy edges and soft focus converge to create sonic castles in the clouds. Toward the close, a mournful violin quietly weeps in the distance while clicks, pops and crackles skitter across the misty surface as it slowly warps and drifts toward another plane.

Fieldhead Online
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Fieldhead - A Correction