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Review: 'LEEK, ANDY'
'Waking up the World'   

-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '7th May 2013'

Our Rating:
ANDY LEEK is one of pop's great enigmas: undeniably talented and on the face of it could have been an international star and yet hardly recognised or noticed outside his amazing and surprising no.1 in Lebanon.

Acclaimed by George Martin as " the real McCoy" and still persevering through serious illness to record, play, produce, write and fund this double album against all the odds. This man deserves not only a hit but a medal for self belief and optimism.

The music was beautifully produced over a three year period. One-time Dexy's man Leek's remarkable songwriting and vocal skills have somehow defied time intact and even improved on previous recordings, his is a truly natural talent.

From the soulful call to arms of the title track through gospel call and response and Dylan-esque imagery full of archetypes and religious referencies to the sublime vocal of 'Natalie', Leek touches parts of the psyche long undisturbed and challenges us to respond. Forget pop music: this is art poetry and spiritual awakening in one.

With a musical sensitivity and lyrical dexterity perhaps unheard since Lennon, Andy Leek puts himself on the line time after time and your heart follows him there. Do yourself a favour and go buy Waking Up The World: you'll never be awoken in a nicer way.
  author: Jacob Jones

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