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Review: 'Beneather'

-  Label: 'Where Its At Is Where You Are Records'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '28th January 2022'

Our Rating:
 New single no 1
‘Dreamgaze’ may be the debut release for Beneather, but the project’s mastermind, Lewis Young is no newcomer to the scene.

He’s the composer and collaborator in North London dream pop act The Leaf Library, and as a composer, he recently scored the British short ‘Lucky Break’, which found its way into the BAFTAs short list only to narrowly miss out on the gong.

The single’s vocals are courtesy of Melinda Bronstein, an abstract vocal experimenter and artist whose recent debut album ‘In Reverse’ landed in many ‘best of 2021’ lists.

As telling as the biography are details on the Beneather website, which include a photograph labelled ‘A collection of inspiring objects, including Boots the cat.’ Unlisted but featured is a copy of David Hendy’s ‘Noise’; JG Ballard’s ‘The Drowned World’ and ‘Codex Seraphinianus’ by Luigi Serafini, which has been dubbed ‘the world's weirdest book’.

‘Dreamgaze’ is appropriately titled: abstract, blurry, belonging to another realm or dimension. It drifts softly, cloud-like, kaleidoscopic. The textures are supple, the various elements are vague and vaporous, melting together with no distinct shape or form, yet immersive and enticing. You peer into the mist, and what’s there? Something? Nothing? Moving shadows that evade capture, intangibles, evaporating before your eyes and ears. And then it’s gone.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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