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-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '20th September 2010'

Our Rating:
 New single no 12
The second single culled from THE CHARLATANS recent return to form LP (‘Who We Touch’), ‘My Foolish Pride’ is the obvious follow-up to the brawny, energised ‘Love Is Ending.’

More obviously groove-based and breezy than its’ predecessor, this is sturdy, dependable Charlies: a slice of irresistible Indie-soul which culminates in a dreamy, string-driven concoction of a chorus and one of Tim Burgess’ most confident vocals. It also revels in that slightly bizarre “make love, not war” hook-line, which Tim delivers with wholesome sincerity, so let’s take it at face value.

One of the bonus tracks is called ‘Lips That Would Kiss.’ I don’t have it on my promo copy. Could this be a copy of the Durutti Column tune of the same name perchance?

Anyway, good stuff all round. The Charlatans long-established reputation as a great singles band is merely confirmed once again here. Get well soon, Mr. Brookes.

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  author: Tim Peacock

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