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'SIGH'S (Download only)'   

-  Label: 'www.myspace.com/therevellions'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '14th June 2010'

Our Rating:
 New single no 20
Hailing from Dublin (not that you'd guess it), THE REVELLIONS are a quintet peddling piping hot retro-garage sounds shot through with steely modern attitood.

Having already gained something of a foothold in the garage-friendly Spanish market, their eponymous debut was produced by Spanish stalwarts Jorge Explosion and Mike Mariconda and released on the Dirty Water label in 2008. I didn't hear it, but if the drilled and exhilarating sounds emanating from this new single are anything to go by, some back-tracking seems essential.

Because the grammatically-challenged 'Sigh's' (sic) is a belter. The reference points are more obvious than the nose on your face (from the Doors-y organ to the horn section punching in giving it some Rocket From The Crypt and the gorgeous Love-style Mariachi trumpet blast), but regardless of the 'spot the influence' games, it has an energy all its' own and comes up trumps in a big way.

Nominal B-side 'Ain't No Fool', meanwhile, could quite easily slip onto CD3 of the 'Nuggets' box set with its' Strawberry Alarm Clock organ riff, fuzzed-up guitars and tough, summer of '66 R'n'B swagger. OK, it's so unashamedly retro it's almost asking you if you want to go outside and make an issue of it, but once again it's so energetic and skilfully put together, you succumb in spite of yourself.

Us critics spend so much time looking for the sonic breakthroughs that we're sometimes too uptight to accept records like this. However, when it's done so well and sounds so bloody joyous, the sensible thing is simply to capitulate and get behind the Revellion rebellion.

The Revellions on Myspace
  author: Tim Peacock

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